Edgebold Capital

Edgebold Capital was created to research, advise and support the Edgebold Group as it acquired and incorporated its subsidiary companies in Southern Africa. Under the guidance of Edgebold Capital, the Group has five active and fast-growing businesses that work closely together in a holistic and productive way.

The Edgebold Group’s companies have since expanded into neighbouring countries and markets, taking advantage of Mozambique’s geographical positioning and access to multiple ports. Throughout this period of growth and development, Edgebold Capital has played a pivotal role in structuring, supporting and advising the Group and has gained a deep knowledge of how to operate in the region effectively and efficiently.

Edgebold Capital’s role has continued to evolve as the Group has grown. From its London base and extensive regional network on the ground, we have the ability to support clients at key stages of their entry into southern Africa and Mozambique. Edgebold Capital has extensive experience in identifying investment opportunities and performing due diligence on potential mergers and acquisitions, through its management of the Edgebold Group’s own ever-increasing capital investments.

In addition, Edgebold Capital has the capacity to support clients in benefitting from the tax treaties that have been implemented with the economies of southern Africa, as it has done so in assisting Edgebold DMCC in Dubai to ensure it is at all times compliant with its obligations in the UAE. We are also able to work with clients to help control key stages of their supply chains and logistics together with providing solutions to immigration, human resources, legal matters and other related issues.

Edgebold Capital offers consultancy services to private investors, corporates, and aid and development agencies with a focus on Mozambique and southern Africa. With its experience and local knowledge of key stakeholders, investment opportunities, political risks, and operational management, we are well positioned to assist our clients as they engage with the region.