Edgebold DMCC

Edgebold was founded in Dubai in 2011 with the purpose of growing businesses in Southern Africa by investing in promising existing companies and establishing new ones. Edgebold DMCC’s companies operate with great internal synergies, despite working in a diverse range of sectors. The team at Edgebold DMCC is committed to the development of its companies over the long term both for its own benefit and for the benefit of the countries in which it operates.

Over the last decade discoveries of significant natural resources in Southern Africa have generated the need and demand for many large-scale infrastructure projects. Although there are number of key economic drivers in Southern Africa, Edgebold DMCC believes that the addition of these large scale infrastructure projects to the region’s economies will accelerate the growth that has been enjoyed over recent years. Edgebold DMCC’s strategy has been and remains to invest in, build and manage sustainable businesses that support the region’s economies.

The Edgebold Group

To date Edgebold DMCC has developed five companies to provide a wide range of products and services to its clients in real estate, the supply of offshore and onshore provisions, transport, warehousing, construction, mining, logistics and storage. Although Edgebold DMCC predominantly controls the companies it invests in, it remains open to supporting other businesses as a minority shareholder as well as pursuing joint venture projects that are complementary to other businesses in its portfolio.

The Edgebold Group is comprised of the following companies

Bolder S.A.

Bolder S.A. owns its own quarries and cement production facilities as well as its own fleet of plant and heavy machinery. This ensures its independence and reliability. Bolder S.A. provides tailor-made contracting solutions that cover everything from terrain and earth moving works to complex construction projects such as private and public road construction. Bolder S.A. offers one-off works that fit customers’ ongoing wider construction projects as well as entire ‘turnkey’ assignments where Bolder S.A. builds and completes entire projects from design to delivery.

Bolder S.A. is constantly investing in its machinery, expertise and staff to ensure the highest levels of quality control for its customers. For more information visit www.bolderafrica.com

ASAP Provisions Lda.

ASAP was founded in 2000 to supply goods and provisions to ships and vessels visiting Mozambique’s main ports. In May 2014 Edgebold DMCC became the majority owner of ASAP.

With offices and bonded warehouses in Maputo, Beira, Pemba and Nacala, we are able to offer its services from all major ports in Mozambique. ASAP has also developed a significant wholesale distribution network to supply goods and provisions to inland customers in addition to our traditional offshore ships and vessel supply. Because of the scope of the company’s operations we have been able to scale up the size of our purchases which has allowed us to pass the subsequent cost savings on to our customers. Although the supply of food and provisions continues to make up the majority of ASAP’s sales, the company has diversified its range of goods, and is often engaged by it customers to import unique goods on an ad hoc basis. ASAP also offers both bonded and regular secure warehousing and storage facilities in every main port in Mozambique. For more information visit www.asapprovisions.com

First Base Cargo S.A.

First Base Cargo is a transport and logistic company based in Nacala with local offices spread across Mozambique in Maputo, Beira and Pemba. Its large and versatile fleet enables it to transport dry cargo, shipping containers, break-bulk and oversized loads both across the country and internationally. First Base Cargo has longstanding contracts with many clients but also provides transport on a one-off, individual basis.

First Base Cargo has an excellent team of experienced managers, logistics experts, technicians, mechanics and drivers whose knowledge of the transport industry in Mozambique and Southern Africa is second to none. The company has rapidly established itself as a reliable, secure and cost efficient transporter of freight for a wide range of customers. For more information visit www.firstbasecargo.com

First Base Lda.

First Base Lda’s goal is to develop real estate projects in Pemba, Maputo, Tete and Nacala that are both appropriate and realistic for the communities involved. First Base Lda also provides management services and Group support to other Edgebold companies in Mozambique.

First Base Promotores S.A.

First Base Promotores S.A. was established in 2014. Given the necessity of developing adequate infrastructure to support the newly discovered natural resources, most Sub-Saharan governments created Special Economic Zones where streamlined processes and a reduced bureaucracy would accelerate regional development. Following the same line as its sister companies, First Base Promotores focuses on the development and promotion of real estate projects in Special Economic Zones.