Feasibility Studies

The Edgebold Group has successfully built its portfolio in Mozambique and neighbouring countries by considering a wide range of investment opportunities. The Group understands the importance of carrying out detailed and accurate feasibility studies on every opportunity it identifies and does so before moving ahead with any strategy or investment. By fully understanding the potential risks and rewards of our various projects and capital investments, we have been able to pre-empt a number of issues and have designed sustainable strategies to ensure the utmost efficiency of our activities in the region.

Edgebold Capital is well placed to work alongside clients in Mozambique and neighbouring countries to identify, organise and understand the details necessary to make a strategy or an investment succeed. We offer:

Pre-Feasibility Studies

Working with clients in an initial stage to evaluate all possible scenarios and resolve basic issues of developing the proposed business or venture.

Technical Feasibility

Outlining detail on how goods or services are best suited to be delivered, rolled-out and implemented taking into consideration the reality of market conditions. This covers, but is not limited to, transportation & logistics, distribution, procurement of goods and required human capital.

Market Feasibility

Analysis of potential markets and opportunities along with current & future potential, competition, forecasts and risks. The aim is to give a clearer focus and direction to developing the business or venture.

Financial Feasibility

Analysis of capital requirements and expected returns on investment.

Organisational Feasibility

Outlining the corporate and legal structures of the business as well as internal analysis of founders and directors and their suitability for getting the project off the ground and keeping it operational.