Management Consulting

Developing any commercial venture has its challenges but establishing businesses and investments and then ensuring they grow to their full potential in frontier markets can be hugely complex. While the opportunity for returns in Southern Africa is well documented and significant, so too are the challenges and risks for both foreign and domestic investors.

Knowledge is a key element to help any company manage its risks and capitalise on its opportunities when operating in Africa.

Real experience on the ground can go a long way to help investors, company owners, managers and other operators avoid the many pitfalls of breaking new ground and developing businesses and projects in the region.

Edgebold Capital has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through many years of developing, acquiring and supporting businesses owned by the Edgebold Group in Mozambique and neighbouring Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries. We have advised and supported the Group’s subsidiaries, helping them grow from inception to become well known, highly regarded and profitable franchises in the region.

Throughout our evolution as a group of companies in SADC, we have assessed, structured and researched a range of commercial opportunities in a number of sectors of industry and commerce. We continue to do so. Although we have developed specialisms in certain sectors within our subsidiary companies, we also have experience in many other areas of business that are of value to us and are proving to be of value to others.

As we built our companies in Mozambique and its neighbouring countries we have overcome many issues and complexities that come with the realities of operating here. During this process we have built knowledge of, and relationships with, many experienced partners and advisors in the region who have proven crucial to our successful operations.

We have now emerged with a deep understanding of the working practices, legislation, development of human capital and methods of business and practice that are of great interest to anyone with an interest or already investing and operating in Mozambique and SADC.

Our management consultancy services are tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs and comprise a wealth of resources from our own experience and the experiences of others who we have grown to trust in the region. We have brought our experience on the ground in Southern Africa together with the knowledge and expertise of our team in London to offer comprehensive services to a large and growing network of companies, investors, foreign aid agencies and other commercial enterprises looking to embark on new or consolidate existing investments in Mozambique and the surrounding region.