Market Entry Strategies

Edgebold Capital offers support for companies and businesses that are looking to expand into the southern African region, particularly Mozambique. Whether you already have a presence in southern Africa or are looking to establish one, our first-hand experience puts us in a great position to support and assist you in benefiting from rapid growth and potential offered by the region.

Mozambique and southern Africa are fragmented and complex, emphasising the need for expert guidance when prioritising markets, sectors and geographical locations for investment, as well as developing strategies for tackling the challenges inherent to investing in the region.

Edgebold Capital takes the following disciplined approach when assisting you in preparing the foundations for your market entry:

1. Understanding your needs

Assessing and understanding your goals and ambitions is central to our approach in assisting you. Once done we will help you identify the most suitable market for your business or venture, determine the most appropriate operational set-up to drive your business or venture forward, and help you establish strong and crucial connections into relevant local networks.

2. Identifying operational realities & obstacles

Managing expectations and the risks that may arise when investing or operating in a specific region, country or sector is fundamental. It is also essential to understand and respect the diversity and complexity of the region while doing so. A blanket approach to establishing businesses or ventures in the region is often not appropriate. We believe that a clear, specific strategy tailored to each country, city and sector is the best way to harness the potential offered.

3. Helping you to deliver throughout the development of your business or venture

Edgebold Capital uses its years of experience in Mozambique and neighbouring countries to help new market entrants navigate the challenges of establishing themselves in the region. We utilise a comprehensive international network from our base in London, as well as a substantial on-the ground network from our field offices.

4. Harnessing the benefits of cross-sector market entry

Edgebold Capital has advised and supported the building of the Group’s diverse but synergistic portfolio of companies. We are well positioned to advise you if you wish to develop a cross-sector market strategy in Mozambique and its neighbouring countries. We know the types of businesses and ventures that work well together in the region.