Operational Strategies

Edgebold Capital has played a pivotal role in the development of the Group’s subsidiaries and has guided them from inception to become established and well regarded franchises in Mozambique and the region. We support and advise them on their operations on a daily basis and work together to understand the difficulties on the ground and how to solve them.

In Mozambique the Group encountered a number of challenges as it developed, including a lack of reliable services from third parties, a shortage of skilled labour and supply-chain barriers. Edgebold Capital played a key role in assisting the Group in navigating these challenges by advising on how best to develop a strong on-the ground network to deal with these issues.

The Group’s structure, network and skills have now developed to such an extent that its procedures, policies and operational methods are robust and well tested. Nevertheless, the operating environments in Mozambique and southern Africa are constantly evolving alongside macro-economic developments, and as a result it is critical to continue to adapt and change accordingly.

Using the Group’s experience and significant local presence, Edgebold Capital is ideally positioned to advise clients on operating in this ever-changing environment. Edgebold Capital assists its Clients in understanding and implementing a wide range of operational procedures, including but not limited to:


  • Global Import and Export
  • Land Asset Acquisition
  • International Procurement
  • Supply Chains & Distribution Management
  • Recruitment/ Executive Search & Human Capital Sourcing
  • Work Authorisation Services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Inventory Management, security and control
  • Advice on local legislation, regulations and laws
  • Managing local currency exposure, financial capacity and understanding the advantages of certain tax benefits available in Mozambique and its neighbouring countries for foreign companies
  • Support in networking and connecting with other strategic and successful operators in Mozambique and neighbouring countries.